Depression/ Anxiety

It is common to consider depression and anxiety as dysfunctions because of the negative impact they have on us. It may be better to focus on depression and anxiety as adaptive emotions; emotions that were protective in some way at the time they developed. Depression and anxiety can be automatic and useful responses to emotional disconnection. We as humans are hard-wired to connect with others. This connection provides us with a sense of self, comfort, and security that is essential to our emotional and physical health. Together, we can understand your feelings of anxiety or depression in terms of resiliency and survival and how to keep them from having power over you and your life. 

Grief and Loss/ Life Transitions

Loss comes in many forms; the death of someone loved, the end of a close relationship, or the physical separation from family or friends. Significant changes in our professional lives or roles as parents and caregivers also have an impact on our emotions and sense of self. You may be experiencing feelings of sadness, regret, or emptiness that others don’t seem to understand. Struggling to adjust may affect your work, sleep, and your relationships. Together, we can find ways to help you cope with your loss and transitions.


Family of Origin Issues

Have events from your youth triggered emotions you thought you had resolved?  Have relationships in the past affected your present?  The emotions you feel around these events are deeply felt and may be difficult to reveal, but avoiding them gives them the power to negatively influence your life. It may be time to change their hold over your life.

It would be my honor to accompany you on your inner journey. You may seek meaning, forgiveness, understanding, or resiliency against the hurt. Whatever your needs, your unique and deeply personal experience will be respected. Together, we can begin the process of healing.